It is important to want to seek help, in order to make full recovery or learn to cope with an illness. This step is never easy and many obstacles stand in the way of making this a possibility. We understand that it could be daunting to speak about your symptoms – and feeling as though you will not be understood. We know how hard it can be to try and put your experiences into words that can be understood by someone who is not from the same faith or culture. Thus we took all these circumstances into consideration and decided to offer our services via a variety of methods.

Not everyone has access to the internet, thus, our team at Inspirited Minds wish to help you in any way possible, which will be most beneficial to you. Therefore, we provide support via the telephone, for those who wish to seek it.

Inspirited Minds understands the many difficulties a person with a psychological illness may face. Often, the daunting thoughts of speaking to someone can act as the main barrier to getting help. Emailing is easier, as you do not need to see the person you are speaking to, and you can email as and when you are ready. Further, it may be that you do not want your family or friend to listen to what you are saying. This method will allow you to seek help without this fear.

Seeking help isn’t easy. One’s symptoms may cause the sufferer to feel too anxious to leave the comfort of their homes. We at Inspirited Minds understand the difficulties you may face – which may act as an obstacle in seeking the right help for you. Therefore, we are able to offer Skype sessions for counselling; in case leaving home doesn’t seem realistic.

Face-to-face Counselling
Face-to-face support provides people with a chance to explore their experiences extensively; working with their advisors to overcome or control their illness. It gives both the client and the therapist a chance to tackle situations and questions without delay. However, we understand that this method isn’t most comforting to everyone, therefore we do offer other forms of services to seek help.