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Our Champions are individuals that share our values and our vision. They have chosen to collaborate with us to further our work in prioritising mental health and wellbeing, ensuring that we reach those who need us the most.

Artist Champions

Vivid by Maryam

Maryam is a self-taught illustrator specialising in vibrant prints based around her South Asian heritage and travels. She decided to become an Artist champion because he believes that art is a powerful tool when discussing mental health as it helps to visualise feelings that can be difficult to articulate into words.


Etsy: VividByMaryam
Instagram: @vividbymaryam

Sokarliyah Artistry

Alyaa is a Canadian Egyptian artist. Her original artworks are a reflection of her identity as an Arab muslim, her upbringing and life experiences. She chose to collaborate with us to prioritise mental health. She wants to contribute to this cause in the best way that she can, which is through art.


Website: Sokarliyah Artistry

Want to become a Champion and support the movement?

  • IM Champion – Open to all
  • Artist Champion – For professional artists
  • Business Champion – For small businesses

You can become one of our champions by emailing