Monthly Reflections

April Reflections

Assalaamu ‘alaikum – peace be with you.

Sincerity is defined as a state of being genuine, honest, and free from deceit or pretence. It is a pure, open state that comes from the heart and invites self-reflection on our motives and intentions. The quest for sincerity is an active process, an uphill climb and a life-long mission and is probably one of the most difficult forms of self-reflection but probably one of the most important. Sincerity requires bravery and a willingness to be vulnerable.

We at Inspirited Minds understand the importance of sincerity in all our endeavours, and hope it is something we can continually and consistently develop and cultivate. Being sincere and true to ourselves allows us to connect more deeply with who we truly are and what our purpose is. It is a journey we hope you can join us on, and as always, we are open to your comments, ideas and suggestions; so please do get in touch by replying to this email.

Du’as always,

Tackling Taboo: An Introduction to Muslim Mental Health

Bury Park Mosque invited us to hold an educational and interactive workshop covering myths of mental health, common mental health difficulties, Islamic basis of mental health, supporting oneself and others, understanding and addressing stigma in the Muslim community and promoting healthy mental wellbeing.

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Is it Black Magic or Mental Health?

Revert2Reality invited Sultan to present a two part presentation which covered the reality of psychosis and depression alongside how it compares to a less traditional understanding of Black Magic within the Muslim community. We managed to have many engaging discussions whilst helping people understand the nuances between the topics.

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London Marathon

We took part in the London Marathon this year and it was the hottest day in the race’s history. We were fundraising so that we can continue to engage with, educate and empower our community via events, campaigns and workshops within schools, universities and mosques; fundraising to produce culturally appropriate and faith-sensitive print and digital materials, resources and tools and ultimately fundraising to support more people struggling with mental health difficulties.

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Mindful Messages - Money and Mental Health Series

For our blog, this month we looked at how difficulties managing finances, debt, overworking and zero-hour contracts all can affect our mental health and wellbeing.

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Myira Khan joins our Advisory Board

Myira Khan is a BACP accredited counsellor and clinical supervisor to trainee and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists. She is also the founder of the Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network and is trained in Islamic Psychology and Islamic Psychotherapy. Myira joins our Advisory Board to provide strategic advice, senior guidance and support.

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Join our team!

We are looking for passionate, kind and motivated individuals to join our team. If you feel you have the skills, enthusiasm and dedication required to make a difference and help someone in need, please do get in touch. We have a number of exciting vacancies open at all levels.

Advisory Board Member
Outreach Worker
Campaigns Manager
Campaigns Officer
Marketing Officer
Graphic Designer
Video Editor
HR and Wellbeing Officer

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Quote of the Month


"Verily, God does not look at your appearance, nor your possessions; rather he looks at your heart."

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)