Monthly Reflections

May Reflections

Assalaamu ‘alaikum – peace be with you.

Gratitude is the affirmation of goodness coming from an external source and has been described as the memory of the heart. It cultivates a sense of humility, contentment and inner peace that comes not from wanting more, but rather from acknowledging what we already have, is more than we need. It is one of the oft-neglected aspects of our lives, which is essential for our own spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing at times of fortune and especially at times of adversity. Knowing what we appreciate in life means knowing who we are, what matters to us and what makes each day worthwhile.

At Inspirited Minds we are grateful for the privilege to be in a position to offer help to people when they need it the most. We are grateful for our team of passionate volunteers who continuously go the extra mile and dedicate their free time to our cause and all the other support we receive which makes our work possible. We pray we are able to practice gratitude regularly in our hearts, in our speech and in our actions, and as always, we are open to your comments, ideas and suggestions; so please do get in touch by replying to this email.

Du’as always,

A Muslim Mind - Personal Stories Trailer

We'll be releasing the first of our new video series: The Muslim Mind - Personal Stories featuring Sheikh Abu Ibrahim next week. Watch the trailer to find out more.

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Sunnah Suhoor Challenge

Our Communications Team (our team online behind all our articles, podcasts and social media) are fundraising by only having an odd number of dates and water for their suhoor (pre-dawn meals) this Ramadan.


No Fried Food Challenge

Our Outreach Team (our team on the ground behind all our workshops, training and events) are fundraising by having no fried food this Ramadan.


Mindful Messages - Self-Love and Acceptance Series

For our blog, this month we talked about the importance of self-love and accepting who you are in Islam, and how Ramadan can be the perfect time to explore this.

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Ramadan Mindful Doodle

Maryam's latest doodle explored the isolation felt by those with mental health difficulties during Ramadan.

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Join our team!

We are looking for passionate, kind and motivated individuals to join our team. If you feel you have the skills, enthusiasm and dedication required to make a difference and help someone in need, please do get in touch. We have a number of exciting vacancies open at all levels.

Advisory Board Member
Psychotherapeutic Advisor
Support Worker
Outreach Worker
Campaigns Manager
Campaigns Officer
Marketing Officer
Graphic Designer
Video Editor
HR and Wellbeing Officer

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Quote of the Month


"And He is the One who made the night and day follow each other, for the one who wishes to be mindful or wishes to show gratitude."

Qur'an 25:62