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September Reflections

Assalaamu ‘alaikum – peace be with you.

Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes. It is the feeling that keeps you going when all the odds are stacked against you and the ability to see light despite being surrounded by darkness. Hope is one of the most potent and powerful human emotions we feel and can at times be lost, even though it never truly disappears. It is the extraordinary strength which lies within each and every one of us, that makes us human and allows us to see, believe and dream of a future which will be more beautiful than today.

At Inspirited Minds we understand the importance of hope when it comes to our healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level and how it can significantly improve our mental health and wellbeing. It not only reduces feelings of helplessness, boosts happiness, reduces stress and anxieties, and keeps you focused during times of adversity; it also keeps you grounded, and connected to life. For all those who may be struggling we pray for hope, strength and courage during times of distress, difficulties and hardships. And as always, we are open to your comments, ideas and suggestions; so please do get in touch by replying to this email.

Du’as always,

Mindful Messages - Religious OCD Series

For our blog, this month we looked at the common obsessions, compulsions and misconceptions associated with religious OCD (scrupulosity); the effects it has on physical and mental wellbeing; and how to cope and deal with such thoughts and feelings.

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Creative Minds

We are holding an event to explore the link between Islam, creativity and Mental Health. The day will be full of different performances and real life experiences with sessions including spoken word, Islamic reflections, interactive workshops on calligraphy and doodling, and much more!

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Dr Ahmed Hankir joins our Advisory Board

Dr Ahmed Hankir is a Professor of Psychiatry with the Carrick Institute; Senior Research Fellow with the Bedfordshire Centre for Mental Health Research in association with Cambridge University; author of the anti-stigma programme, 'The Wounded Healer'; and co-editor of the first textbook of its kind on Islamophobia and Psychiatry. He joins our Advisory Board to provide strategic advice, senior guidance and support.

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Join our team!

We are looking for passionate, kind and motivated individuals to join our team. If you feel you have the skills, enthusiasm and dedication required to make a difference and help someone in need, please do get in touch. We have a number of exciting vacancies open at all levels.

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Quote of the Month


"Verily, with every hardship comes ease."

Qur'an 94:5