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June Reflections

Assalaamu ‘alaikum – peace be with you.

Generosity is the willingness to give freely without expecting anything in return. It puts the needs of others before our own and is one of the greatest acts of selflessness and kindness. It encourages us to perceive others in a more positive light and fosters a sense of community and a feeling of interconnectedness. Every act of generosity reminds us we come with nothing, we leave with nothing and the finitude of our nature. Generosity not only frees us from the shackles of materialism and consumerism; it frees us from ourselves.

We at Inspirited Minds understand the power of generosity to improve relationships, wellbeing and happiness; as well as to reduce stress and negative emotions; and its ability to enhance one’s sense of purpose and help us to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. We pray we are able to practice generosity our wealth; of our time; of our hearts and of our spirits, and as always, we are open to your comments, ideas and suggestions; so please do get in touch by replying to this email.

Du’as always,

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For our blog, this month we explored 5 sunnah foods that are good for your mental health along with how nutrition is a fundamental aspect of our general mental wellbeing.

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Quote of the Month


"Wealth is not in having many possessions. Rather, true wealth is in the richness of the soul."

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)