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This Ramadan for me has been about gentleness and space
No space for pressure
No space for guilt
No space for too much
Instead, small deeds
A dish for the neighbours when I can
A text of salaam to that sister about how she is
An ear for her burdens
A few pages of Quran daily
Learning a little more about my faith
It has been about more time with those whom I love
More timely with my salahs
More time watching, reflecting on my words and actions
More time giving salaams to Muslimaat passing by,
A little more charity, even if just a smile
More time just being with those I love
More space for creativity inducing boredom for my girls, watching from the periphery, a smile on my lips
More time indulging in poetry
Ramadan and poetry becoming each other
The moos to my bariis
The honey to my pitta
Yearning already
To live to see another Ramadan

~ Araweelo M.A

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