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Therapy. The big taboo word in the world of Muslims. It’s not often that we find fellow brothers and sisters in faith sharing their experiences of going to therapy for mental health issues.

For #TimeToTalk 2020, we’re taking “talking” a step further and asking you to share your experiences in therapy.

The only way to squash the stigma is to talk the stigma. So, don’t hesitate to share if you have experienced stigma or negative bias from others for going to therapy or being vocal about mental health. The most important part of #MuslimsTalkTherapy is providing a safe place for people to find honest messages of hope when they find themselves in a situation needing support. It can be daunting sharing your experiences of therapy, however, you never know who you will be encouraging to get the right support they need or whose misconceptions you will be changing!
Sharing your experience as easy as 1-2-3!

1 – Write a message about your experience of going to therapy
What was it like? How did you make the decision to seek therapy? How did it benefit you or what pitfalls did you experience? Was it what you had originally envisioned, or did it take you by surprise? What advice do you have to share for others wishing to pursue therapeutic options for their mental wellbeing?

2 – Send us your message
Send your message to us along with a title and your favourite picture of yourself (feel free to send a picture of your back if you wish to remain anonymous, the main thing is you know it’s you!) before the end of February. This is an ongoing project so that we can continue to have these conversations, therefore any submissions after February will be released throughout the year.

3 – Share your message on Time To Talk Day on the 6th of February
We’ll let you know once we’ve uploaded your message to our website so that you can share it using the hashtag #MuslimsTalkTherapy with your friends and family.

Send us your #MuslimsTalkTherapy message using the form below!

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