As a non-profit, public-funded organisation; Inspirited Minds requires your help to ensure the delivery of our services always remain intact. Funds will also be spent on materials to spread awareness and cater for events. If you have any ideas for fundraising events, schemes or you would like to join our rewarding team, please contact us here. Below highlight some ideas to get you started! Are you fun and creative? Do you feel you have an imagination which can run wild? If so, why not put this unique and highly desirable trait to use by fundraising for Inspirited Minds! Below are some ideas to get your creativity fired up – although we know you probably will have far more inspiring and enjoyable ideas!

1) Back on the streets..?
Street collections are a fun way to get together with a group of friends, stopping passer-bys and educating them on what we do. Permission would be required from the police or the local council or from tfl – if you’re thinking about bombarding commuters at rush hour! Either way, we are here to help you should you require it!

2) Event Planner?
Do you have ideas for an event? Perhaps a charity dinner or a fun day? Maybe an all-females spa-day or pampering day? Whatever you have planned – we could assist you with relevant materials, leaflets, buckets for collection and more! Get in touch for any help!

3) Dare Devil??
Do you have a fun, crazy side? Want to go bungee-jumping or paragliding? Why not get sponsored while you do?! Have fun while you raise money for a charity. Whatever your interest is – be it jogging, running the marathon, sumo-wrestling… go for it!

4) Donations
Are you a smooth talker? Are you able to persuade people to donate for a cause? We are looking for help in attaining monthly donations – from as little as £1 a month. Every penny counts! Maybe you can aim to get five people to make this donation on a monthly basis? Maybe a group of friends can aim to get more people to donate? What ever little you can offer – we – and our clients – will appreciate it immensely.

5) Fundraiser?
Are you passionate about helping victims of psychological illnesses? Do you know someone who suffers/ed? Maybe you yourself developed an illness? Whatever the reason may be for your passion – let your passion be the reason to help someone who is silently suffering. Why not open a fundraising page; aim for a particular amount to be raised and ask family and friends to donate to your page.

6) Imaginative?
We are certain you and your friends can put your minds together and come up with something far better, more original and even more attractive! So why not join forces and do something. Use your collective skills to deliver something that might just set a new trend! Let your minds run wild…