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Since the inception of Inspirited Minds, we have endeavoured to de-stigmatise mental health for Muslims and set out to provide information and support services for the many different issues that we face as a community.
To celebrate #TimeToTalk 2020 we are excited to announce the official launch of #AMuslimMind! We are interested in what is going on in the minds of Muslims, and we want you to explore with us.

The aim for this project is to normalise conversations around mental health for Muslims, by having our fellow Muslim influencers, thinkers and activists (that’s you) to share experiences of mental health; whether it’s been a journey, a battle or an adventure and how you have or still are making it through the other side. Bearing in mind that everyone is travelling at their own pace, we want to hear about your individual experience. You can share your own or someone else’s experience, or speak in general terms from your expertise. We believe everyone has an extraordinary story to tell about their experiences with mental health.
Sharing your message is as easy as 1-2-3!

1 – Write a message about what you think about mental health.
The idea is to get the conversation flowing, and open up Muslim communities to the idea that its okay to experience mental illness and more importantly, it’s okay to talk about them. It’s even more okay to seek out support for it, whether that’s through your family/friends, therapy, support groups, self-care or a combination of them all.
Our central theme to everything that we do has been ‘hope’. So, if you have any thoughts on hope in relation to mental health then join in the conversation.

2 – Send us your message
Send your message to us along with a title and your favourite picture of yourself (feel free to send a picture of your back if you wish to remain anonymous, the main thing is you know it’s you!). This is an ongoing project so that we can continue to have these conversations, therefore any submissions after the February will be released throughout the year.

3 – Share your message far and wide
We’ll let you know once we’ve uploaded your message to our website so that you can share it using the hashtag #AMuslimMind with your friends and family.

We hope that by sharing, you encourage others to come forward and keep the conversation going.

Send us your #AMuslimMind message using the form below!

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