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For some, the best help they can receive is through a success story. Knowing that someone out there has had the exact same condition, but they are doing ok in life – is an inspiration. These stories also give families hope and ignite the flame to help their loved one further.

It can often be deemed patronising when those who do not understand us tell us to, “fight it!” and to, “not give up”. As much as we want to do this – it is easier said. This, many people do not understand, as they have not experienced what we have.

A story of a person who states how they learn to live with their conditions can be very inspiring. It can give those sufferers a beam of hope – to know that they will win this battle. It could be the reason they seek help.

Your story could be that which leads them to recovery – and it could be this which they waited for.

If you have a story to share – please feel free to share it below. We will ensure to keep it anonymous. We truly hope that not only would sharing this story provide another with peace and comfort; but speaking about it will allow you to get those experiences off your chest and remind you how strong you have been.

Read some of the stories others have shared here.

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