Our Counselling Support

Initial Assessment
Before counselling we carry out an Initial Assessment which can be done either via Telephone or Video and usually lasts 30-40 mins.
The Initial Assessment will incur a fee of £15.

Not everyone has access to the internet, thus, our team at Inspirited Minds wish to help you in any way possible, which will be most beneficial to you. Therefore, we provide support via the telephone, for those who wish to seek it.
Our Telephone Counselling will incur a fee of £30 per session.

Seeking help isn’t easy. One’s symptoms may cause the sufferer to feel too anxious to leave the comfort of their homes. We at Inspirited Minds understand the difficulties you may face – which may act as an obstacle in seeking the right help for you. Therefore, we are able to offer Video sessions for counselling; in case leaving home doesn’t seem realistic or you are located to far from our counsellors.
Our Video Counselling will incur a fee of £30 per session.

Face-to-face counselling provides people with a chance to explore their experiences extensively; working with their counsellors to overcome or control their illness. It gives both the client and the therapist a chance to tackle situations and questions without delay. However, we understand that this method isn’t most comforting to everyone, therefore we do offer other forms of support to seek help.
Our Face-to-face Counselling will incur a fee of £40 per session.

Counselling usually lasts for six sessions (around 50 mins each). Should a client feel they require further sessions (and this is agreed with the counsellor), further sessions can be arranged. Clients are able to apply for funding for 50% of the counselling fees, should they feel they cannot pursue counselling with the charges applied. Proof of financial hardship will be required when applying for funding. We welcome donations in order to enable our service to continue in a high standard and so we can offer clients to apply for funding for our services.


To acess our support services please complete our Get Help Form.