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The Mindful Muslim is an Inspirited Minds podcast that hosts raw, open, and honest conversations on various topics within the sphere of mental health, psychology, Islam and spirituality.

In this episode, the Mindful Muslim podcast meets Mindful Muslimah! She has spent the past twenty-five years as a community leader, an educator, and a mentor. She also regularly serves as a public liaison between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Mindful Muslimah is passionate about self-work and creating space for meaningful conversations. She continues to inspire and educate young women across the globe, on how they can bridge the gap between their Muslim and “modern” selves, without compromising their Islamic identity.

We explored:

  • Hey journey towards becoming a Mindful Muslimah and what that means
  • A deep dive into relationships and scrutinising some of the common issues presented by Muslim women today
  • How to navigate toxic and abusive relationships plus some thought provoking case studies
  • Signs of trauma and how it can lead to resentment
  • Features of a healthy relationship and what we can do to build one
  • & so much more!

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