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This month we have approached a subject that isn’t spoken about very often and although some of the weeks have been awkward to discuss it’s been a good way to break the ice around this taboo topic. Premarital relationships is a growing concern, especially for young adults and we are at a time where proverbs such as “when nikkah becomes hard, zina becomes easy” are more and more present. So how do we save ourselves from the consequences of such relationships?

We were honored to host sister Haleh Banani, a clinical psychologist who has over 20 years of experience working with couples and individuals with the aim to inspire people to live and love with a higher purpose. In this podcast we discuss how premarital relationships initiate; how this affects an individuals mental health, what marriage offers, how Islam deals with such situations, an insight into her courses especially an upcoming course, “laugh and learn” and much more.

Next month we are talking about unrealistic intimacy and how it affects your mental health, do you have any question you would like us to answer? Please email us your questions to:


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