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This month we have been talking about sexual health, intimacy and pornography in the Muslim Community and we were honoured to have Imam Alyas Karmani join us for this month’s podcast – and we really go to town with this one. There’s no shame, and no room for cringe-ing in this podcast. So if you would like to hear about the detailed experiences that the Imam himself has been in, as well as other issues around sexual health, particularly pornography with no holding back, then listen in.

Some of the things you’ll find out about are:

  • What are the sexually related issues affecting Muslims today?
  • Why we don’t talk about it and why there is so much shame attached to the topic?
  • What is the difference between mainstream sexual health education and Islamic sexual health education?
  • What should be taught within the home?
  • What does Islam truly say about intimacy?
  • Real life questions from listeners about the effects of sexual abuse, what to do about pornography and self-harm and advice for 7 year long relationship that had led to phone sex and potentially more.

This podcast contains explicit adult content.

If you watch pornography, please participate in our 100% anonymous survey which will help us to produce beneficial sexual health leaflets for Muslims, workshops and help us provide vital information and advice for the community.

Next month we’ll be talking about death and bereavement; do you have any questions you would like us to answer? Please email us your questions to:


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