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February has been a great month of opening up conversations that are often quite difficult to face, sometimes complex and even harder to accept. Although we have focused heavily on sexual abuse, trauma and the effects it has on the brain, this podcast is an interesting combination of various taboo topics. We had the pleasure of hosting Hanfia Iliyas from Eden Houses UK and Sofia Buncy, from Muslim Women in Prisons who both gave very unique perspectives of domestic violence within the Muslim community.

Some of the things you’ll find out about are:

  • What the definition of domestic violence actually is?
  • How different do Muslim women and men react to domestic violence?
  • What role does Islam play for the perpetrator and the victim?
  • To what extent does culture have a role?
  • Is there a correlation between muslim women’s criminal acts and domestic violence?

You will also listen to troubling real life questions being answered, as well being given practical and helpful advice on how to get help for yourself, or for others. Let us know your thoughts on this month podcast!

Next month we’ll be talking about self harm and self destructive behaviours. If you have any questions you would like us to answer, please email your questions to:


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