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Inspirited Minds and QMSU present:

Untold Stories; Breaking the Silence

People with mental health issues are not often given a platform to share their stories, experiences and ideas, and this is even less so within the Muslim community. We believe that facilitating discussion is an important step to tackling the stigma surrounding the discussion of mental health issues, in BME and in faith communities alike.

In order to target this objective, we have created an event that provides space for ‘survivors’ to share and discuss their stories and experiences. Specifically, this includes muslims sharing their stories when it comes to their experiences of Mental Health difficulties. The event will have multiple speakers, with talks on schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, body dysmorphia and OCD. There will be a brief chance for the audience to share stories if they feel comfortable, fostering a safe space for discussion and openness.

This event is due to take place on:

Monday 4th December 2017, 5pm
at Queen Mary’s University of London
Bancroft Building, Room 1.15

Our speakers are as follows:

Sister Hassaanah Amejee – Body Dysmorphia
Sister Amina Muridi – Schizophrenia
Brother Abdul Wajid – Faith and OCD
(may be subject to change)

We ask Allah swt to allow us to benefit the ummah and humanity at large, and to purify our intentions and actions for His sake. We ask him for success in all our affairs. Aameen

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