A Muslim’s Toolkit on Anxiety & Depression

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We are an Islamic grassroots charity that raises awareness and provides support, from a faith-based and culturally-sensitive perspective, to those affected by mental health challenges. Anchored to our organisation is our vision of a society where people experiencing mental health challenges are validated and empowered to live fulfilling lives.

Working on our goals to achieve this vision, we have launched an exclusive Muslim’s Toolkit on Anxiety and Depression, covering the following key areas:

  • Definitions and current research on both anxiety and depression.
  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as mythbusters.
  • Practical and Islamic ways to help oneself and support others.
  • A detailed Qur’anic glossary with relevant verses alongside a brief commentary on the lessons we can learn from them.
  • Interactive activities and coping mechanisms one can use to better mental wellbeing when experiencing anxiety and/or depression.
  • Useful resources to further our knowledge and understanding of anxiety and depression.

All funds received from the purchase of this booklet will go into:

  • Creating and publishing more booklets and journals to build awareness about mental health for the Islamic community.
  • Translating our current resources for those communities where English is not the first language.
  • Improving accessibility of our resources for our brothers and sisters with difficulties and disabilities in reading and writing.

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Meanha Begum, Sarah Gulamhusein


Mohamed Yaseen Sattar



Number of Pages

60 pages


148 x 210 mm (A5)

5 reviews for A Muslim’s Toolkit on Anxiety & Depression

  1. Meanha

    So easy to understand, and the illustrations are really warming mashAllah. Really useful and the activities are practical and simple to do. I really like the 5 senses exercise mashAllah.

  2. Huzri

    Certainly I find this booklet very useful in addressing mental wellbeing issues from an Islamic perspective. I showed the booklets to a few people around and they found it very interesting too!

  3. Sharmina

    The Anxiety and Depression booklet is very clear and easy to understand. It was good to have visuals such as diagrams and with added Quranic text and reference I thought it was very helpful. The booklet had some information about where someone can seek help and support too.

  4. Julia Hodgson (Together for Short Lives)

    As a children’s palliative care charity we have numerous parents and carers calling our Helpline of Muslim faith. The resource has therefore been shared by our Helpline advisors to ensure they are sensitive to the specific faith needs of callers and have information to draw upon as necessary.

  5. S Mauroof

    An informative booklet that will provide some understanding of anxiety & depression and how you can help yourself and others to overcome these conditions.

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