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At Inspirited Minds, we are always looking for ways of making your mental well-being a priority. This is why we are beyond excited to share the first-ever Mindful Box.

The Mindful Box is a specially crafted box that comes with various items to guide you on your journey to self-care and wellbeing, with faith in mind. The box has been designed with your future self in mind, as it can be repurposed, added to and grow with you.

The items have been delicately and faithfully selected with the hustle and bustle of daily life, and all the obstacles, and “no time for things” in mind. In each box, we hope to include:

  • A thematic 12-month Self-Care Action Calendar, in which each month follows a unique theme intersecting spirituality and mental wellbeing
  • A personal copy of our Positive Islamic Affirmations journal and exclusively designed Mindful Box bookmarks
  • Mint seeds for you to plant and nurture, with accompanying instructions
  • Nourishing Ajwa dates and Zam Zam water (provided by our humble partners)
  • Your copy of the Hisnul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim) mini-booklet
  • A warm and comfortable pair of socks
  • An Inspirited Minds leaflet detailing more about who we are and the services that we provide

It’s Much More than a Box

Although the box itself has many benefits, the impact it will have on the wider community and the conversations it will invite to create is massive.

By creating The Mindful Box, we are:

  • Encouraging individuals to take care of themselves with faith in mind
  • Normalising the need to look after yourself and your wellbeing
  • Creating curious conversations around mental health and wellbeing by gifting a mix of faith-based and everyday items

You can purchase this box for yourself, a loved one, or a colleague – knowing that your pennies are going straight back into the project itself and we are planning to invest in the future of the box:

  1. The Mindful Box currently is not friendly for those that are visually impaired, therefore we aim to design items that are more inclusive, including (but not limited to):
    • Braille copies of all the resources and text
    • Image-based wellbeing card decks
  2. We also want to create The Mindful Journal which is a comprehensive and holistic journal that has been 2 years in the making and is packed with activities and ideas that can be used as an additional guide to wellbeing with faith in mind.
  3. Additionally, we have plans to develop The Mindful Box so that it can be used for individuals with different struggles i.e. boxes dedicated to OCD, Eating Disorders, PTSD and so on.
  4. Finally, we want this to be available for all those struggling internationally!

As a grassroots organisation, we try to keep all of our projects as self-sustainable and eco-friendly as possible! Additionally, we have tried to keep costs low so that the act of purchasing the box itself is a mindful one.

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370 x 270 x 75 mm

5 reviews for The Mindful Box

  1. Zaynah Plummer-josephs

    This looks like a very well thought out and amazing idea I pray for its benefits and hope it can reach many people and benefit them. Ameen

  2. Dr Nadia Rehman

    The dates were delicious, my family loved them so much the box finished within a day!

  3. Sarah

    A holistic and game-changing box that really pushes you to nurture your relationship with yourself and give your wellbeing a chance to thrive. I’ve loved every item in it, and can’t wait to order one more as a gift for my friend!

  4. Aliyah

    Thank you so much for creating this perfect box that fuses Islam, self care and mindfulness! We’ve needed something like this in the Islamic space. I am so excited to use every item inside and add to the box.

  5. Qudsiyah

    This box is PHENOMENAL and I can’t say that enough!! The experience of opening the box itself was absolutely beautiful, from the packaging to seeing every item in the box in the uplifting colours. The quality of each item is incredible and I immediately felt a sense of peace upon seeing them.

    The Positive Affirmations Journal is absolutely beautiful and has given me the opportunity to reflect + learn about myself and Allah (swt) better, and to set myself up for a more mindful + Allah-centric day.

    The self care action calendar is packed with so many wonderful ideas, I’m going to be doing the activities with the whole family!

    The dates and the Zam Zam water feel like such a blessing to have, a perfect pick-me-up, full of barakah.

    Everyone needs this box. It will be a really wholesome addition to your journey of faith, mindfulness and self care!

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