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Some say you think too much, but when the mind is home to thoughts and experiences, where do you put these things down? Or how? You are realising the toll all this is having on you, but when you seldom understand what is happening yourself, how do you explain to others? Wouldn’t it just be great if you could establish emotional intelligence, emotional maturity, emotional stability? Wouldn’t it just be great if you could finally embark upon your journey toward self empowerment; freedom? The path toward achieving this isn’t necessarily mustering information on how to handle yourself. The path toward achieving this is mustering the courage to learn yourself.

Inspirited Minds is holding a two day workshop which will entail self evaluation and self recognition methods to attain a better understanding toward Mental Health.

1) Introducing Yourself to Yourself
2) Addiction: Past and Present
3) Jinn or Illness
4) Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Ustadh Ramiz Ibrahim
Nazish Hussain
Abutaher Miah
Aaliyah Shaikh

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