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Public Consultation for Suicide


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  • Zoom Event
  • October 9, 2023
  • Monday, 7:00PM to 8:30PM

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Public Consultation for Suicide

Zoom Webinar

Monday, 7:00PM to 8:30PM
October 9, 2023


Public Consultation for Suicide

Zoom Webinar

Monday, 7:00PM to 8:30PM
October 9, 2023


Our research has shown a massive issue surrounding Suicide within our communities, and we are determined to tackle it in 2024!

Our research has shown a massive issue surrounding Suicide within our Ummah, and we are determined to and we are determined to address it and create a safer space for those who are struggling with suicide and suicidal feelings. 

To do this, we are inviting you to a public consultation that is open to all, where we will be sharing our plans and opening up a discussion to bring in your thoughts, feedback and ideas so as to bring out our collective voices for the benefit of the Muslim Ummah. 

We have never been afraid of tackling taboo topics, and the impact of that can be seen in our work:

  • We have an immensely successful podcast, featuring more than 60 guest speakers with lived experiences or expert knowledge of mental health, faith, spirituality and psychology
  • Our counselling service, comprising qualified counsellors and therapists who offer counselling in more than 12 languages, gets more than 60 referrals a month
  • We receive as many as 8 external workshop requests a month from mosques, schools, universities and community centres
  • Our popular #AskIM service, which is an anonymous and confidential space to ask specific mental health related questions, receives 15 questions per month
  • We have published research reports on hidden topics, such as pornography addiction, barriers to seeking mental health support within the Muslim community and the impact of Covid-19 on mental health

We are continuously striving to break the stigma around mental health challenges, such as intrusive thoughts, eating disorders, abuse, to name a few, and empower individuals to heal from their struggles.

In 2023, we worked to tacklet the issue around Religious OCD. Our previous public consultation helped us understand exactly what the needs of the Ummah were, and based on this we delivered the following:

  • 2 in-person ROCD workshops which were developed to include the suggestions made
  • Mental health Imam trainings with a developed ROCD segment
  • 1 in person and 1 virtual ROCD support group comprising 6 weekly session
  • A 4 part infographic guides on social media
  • A Muslim’s tooklit on Religious OCD, in partnership with Khalil Center, and easily accessible factsheets
  • 3 podcast episodes,1 exclusive with a religious OCD expert in the field and 2 featuring individuals with lived experiences (1 is to be released)
  • A successful ROCD training/CPD for our counselling team
  • A research study on the lived experiences of ROCD, which is in the data analysis stage

We hope to dedicate our resources and efforts to address the hidden issue of suicide in 2024.

Be at the forefront of a issue in the muslim community in guiding our plan for 2024!!

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