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I was invited to speak on behalf of Inspirited Minds at an event organised by UCLISoc to raise awareness on Mental Health. Alhamdolilah it was a heart warming experience to have met the future Medics and future Psychiatrists that are working hard to become the ones that will effectively make a huge difference to our well being.

It was important that I had to emphasise the importance of having Medics that have an in depth understanding of cultural and ethnical issues as well as having religious knowledge to be able to understand the stigmas and the taboo subjects that are very quickly brushed under the carpet by many ethnic minorities.

I had given a first hand account of my experience of abuse and Mental Health and gave them an understanding of the battle of the mind that individuals are facing and their suffering and silence should not be ignored.

The best thing about the evening was meeting students and non students alike that had turned up to either share or give their support. I had even met a sister who works at a Mental Health Hospital and was very interested to see the services Inspirited Minds had to offer as she is aware of clients that could benefit from us.

Leyla Habebti

Leyla is the spokesperson for Inspirited Minds, a humanitarian and a survivor. Her journey through life has been a daily battle where she has self-taught to conquer each day. She is honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with Inspirited Minds and help to not just highlight but bring out the stigma surrounding Mental Health and work together as a team to fight this battle of the mind. ‘It’s the broken ones with shattered hearts, whose souls are pierced with love… it’s the broken ones that I love’

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