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Sometimes the isolation and stigma around a mental health issue can feel worse than the issue itself. That’s why we all need to talk. That is why we are encouraging all to get involved in Time to Talk Day coming up on Thursday 5 February.

The idea is that we all take five minutes to have a conversation about mental health with a friend or colleague.

Talking about mental health doesn’t need to be difficult and can make a big difference. Time to Talk Day is a project organised with the Time to Change organisation, which challenges mental health stigma and discrimination.

5 ways on how you can get involved in Time to Talk Day

  1. Take 5 minutes on the 5th February to have a conversation with someone about mental health.
  2. Order leaflets, postcards and posters to spread the word amongst your friends, families and colleagues.
  3. Create a video, photo or message about mental health and share it on your social networks and use the hashtags #TimetoTalk and #InspiritedMinds.
  4. Pledge to end mental health stigma on the Time To Change website.
  5. Sign up to receive our newsletter and all the latest updates and mental health advice.

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