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My shattered dreams


In a Labyrinth made of broken dreams
A maze so twisted she seeks a secret exit that none have seen

Each way is riddled with shadows of lies
Each turn is muffled with voices and cries

She sees a face she knows and runs so fast
She hits the glass , breaks her hand but it remains still… The moment had passed

Alone in this labyrinth of crazy and scared
Her problems she wished she had given and shared
Being alone in the hell of her mind
Got her lost and it’s peace she seeks to find.

She sits and patiently waits to be found
She speaks to herself and her sub conscience with nothing else around

She is trapped and she is hurt
She is not filthy she is not dirt
She is kind she is warm
She is not broken but just a little torn

Understand and seek her for her wisdom carries strength
She can run for miles in her mind but her heart counts the lengths
Help break that glass wall so we can hear her cry
To carry her to safety and never say goodbye

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again once more

It’s the broken ones, with shattered hearts and cheeks stained with tears
The ones that have cried and stared at death for a number of years
It’s the ones that are rough and broken that shine a diamond inside
They are the ones that smile and are happy and yet they lied

It’s the broken ones with shattered hearts that need mending
They are the ones that hurt but worth defending.

Leyla Habebti

Leyla is the spokesperson for Inspirited Minds, a humanitarian and a survivor. Her journey through life has been a daily battle where she has self-taught to conquer each day. She is honoured to have been given the opportunity to work with Inspirited Minds and help to not just highlight but bring out the stigma surrounding Mental Health and work together as a team to fight this battle of the mind. ‘It’s the broken ones with shattered hearts, whose souls are pierced with love… it’s the broken ones that I love’


  • Saira Aly says:

    Wow!!! I love this. It couldn’t have come at a right time, my Mum has been diagnosed with Alzhrimers its progressed so quickly you see the shell but not the person inside.
    I have been her main carer with my younger brother helping out with keepin her entertained and engaging – whilst I’m shattered with the daily chores, cooking, laundry etc.
    The personal care is the hardest she fights for her dignity and cannot understand the invasion of her privacy. But together we somehow get it done.
    It upsets us both and leaves us in tears. But where as I can go and release my aggression, stress aches and pain. She has no where to go/turn.
    Please do Duaa for my beloved mother may Allah release/free her from her illness give her shifaa and strength to all affected by this awful disease Ameen.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaikum Saira,

      We are sorry to hear about your mother. Of course our du’as are always with you, your mother and family, and we truly commend you for your efforts and time dedicated to supporting your mother.

      It would be great if you could write us something, perhaps it would help you to unload and help others in similar situations to relate to your circumstance. If you’re interested, please contact us here.

      Please note we are hear for you! Just an email away should you wish to speak with anyone.


      Inspirited Minds.

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