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The ‘Mastery of Emotion’ is a talk which is very close to Sultan’s heart, and delivering it in front of a diverse audience of students from the University of Warwick Islamic Society was a privilege. It is a talk which covers the nuances of Islamic mental health, with a narration of his own experience, which ends with an interactive workshop allowing people to utilise the lessons they learned in real case studies. The event ran its course and had detailed Q&A proceeding it. As usual, many students had quite personal anecdotes and questions they wished to share. We managed to successfully open a platform for dialogue with regards to student mental health. The students at the university were kind enough to host a dinner straight afterwards with pizza and pancakes, it was a nice step to take to look after the mental health of your fellow students. Alhamdulillaah, it was a fantastic event and many more to come inshaa Allaah. One attendee fed back to the organisers of the event with a message “Tell the guy I really enjoyed it and I admire his faith and strength, it was really inspiring!”

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Sultan Hatab

Sultan is a medical student at King’s College London, successfully running many welfare projects in collaboration with the Islamic Society. He is passionate about battling the stigma of mental health in Muslim and South Asian communities.

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