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It was a great honour being invited to speak on UCL RUMS Islamic Society annual conference; At Last Breath. Sultan was on the suicide panel and was asked to share his experience with suicide and how he dealt with it all. This was something that he was very comfortable talking about, having delivered it many times before, however, one thing he was not expecting was the person that he would be co-hosting with. The shaykh is known to be one of the most influential Islamic figures in the UK and it was an honour to be able to share an equal platform with him. On top of his own experience, his medical training was called into action as he was to give a clinical understanding of depression and suicide. The panel discussed things from a biopsychosocialspiritual model of health and achieved an accurate understanding of a holistic approach to mental health. UCL RUMS Islamic Society hosted two more sessions covering organ donation and euthanasia, which were very intriguing and they were fantastic hosts. We look forward to working with them again.

More event details here.

Sultan Hatab

Sultan is a medical student at King’s College London, successfully running many welfare projects in collaboration with the Islamic Society. He is passionate about battling the stigma of mental health in Muslim and South Asian communities.

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