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You think that you know

You don’t know my life
You don’t know my journey
You don’t know the facts
You have no clue about my relationships
You have no clue about my inner world

My intentions
You have no idea about my vision
You don’t know about my knowledge
Or my thoughts
Or my day to day life

You know about your life
Your understanding of your beliefs and ideas
Your plans for your life
Your intentions for your relationships
Your understanding of what they should look like
You know about your life journey
Your life experiences

You have assumptions
About how I live
How I should live
Why I should live that way

You have beliefs about why my way is wrong
Ideas about how I need to live more like you
Assumptions about why I need to talk, walk and exist like you do
Passions about the wrongness of my way

You fail to see that I am not you
That I have not the least intentions of being more like you
That I have no intentions of feeling wrong because of your sharp words

I see yours and I see mine
I see imperfections in both
I don’t necessarily like yours
But I have no intentions of hammering my way down your throat

~ Araweelo M.A

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