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We all deal with our own mental health in different ways, and one of those ways is by being creative. As Muslims, we often forget that creativity is threaded throughout our religion, and not just in arts and crafts as some would think. Allah constantly tells us to think outside the box, and encourages us to imagine the wonders He has waiting for us and reflect upon His unique words.

Not to mention our rich and iconic history of calligraphy, geometry and architecture that currently colours the horizons of parts of Europe and the Middle East. From sunnah foods, breathing exercises, writing and more, we can apply this to how we express Islam and how we can use this natural ability to help with our mental health.

Creative Minds is a brand new initiative by Inspirited Minds. This is an event exploring the link between Islam, creativity and mental health.

What can you expect?

A day packed full of different means of creativity with Islam at the very core, through performances, workshops, real life experiences, and carefully selected supporting businesses, we are hoping that you will join us in this journey of exploring Islam and creativity as a means for boosting positive mental health. Sessions include spoken word, Islamic reflections, interactive workshops on calligraphy and doodling, and much more!

So join us, on the 27th October, at the Osmani Centre.

Early bird tickets end on 6th October, so hurry and get yours!

Join our facebook event page here:

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