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The IM 7-a-side Football Tournament which was held on August 13th, 2023, at Market Road Pitches, N7 9PL, reminded me of the power of community, collaboration and compassion in addressing mental health challenges. This event was organised by Inspirited Minds (IM) and Taha Varda in order to raise awareness and funds thus enabling us to support those in need.

The tournament, which saw the participation of 7 teams, was not merely a sporting event but a meaningful platform to discuss and promote mental health awareness. The significance of this initiative is amplified by the fact that it was inspired by Taha Varda’s heartfelt intention to honour a relative’s memory – Afridi Mudas, who lost his battle with mental health – by contributing to a cause that affects so many lives. His initiative served as a driving force behind this event’s success and it highlights the potential within each individual to make a positive change within their communities.

The support received from various parties towards this cause was heartening. An anonymous donor stepped forward to cover the cost of the event space, demonstrating a commitment to fostering a supportive environment for events such as this. Additionally, the sponsorship of food by Original Biriyaniwala from Wembley added a warm and communal touch to the event, showing how businesses can play an integral role in tackling social causes. I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our sponsors.

The event drew approximately 100 attendees, including the teams, players and spectators. Their participation not only made the event successful but also signifies a collective acknowledgment of the importance of mental health awareness. By being present, they contributed to breaking down barriers surrounding mental health and promoting an environment of empathy and understanding.

The financial outcome of the event, with a total of £1,074.58 raised, highlights both the generosity of those who contributed and the shared commitment to destigmatising mental health struggles. The funds will be allocated towards providing counselling sessions, workshops and awareness campaigns emphasising the holistic approach that we take at IM in addressing mental health challenges. It is worth noting that, all monies donated will be counted as Sadaqah-Jariyaah, in memory of Afridi Mudas – may Allah accept it In sha Allah.

Being involved in the organisation process and thoroughly enjoying the day of the event, I make dua that Allah gives us the ability to turn this into an annual affair thus enabling us to continue supporting the cause. Additionally, we would like to encourage individuals/groups to get in touch with us if they may have any ideas for events they would like for us to organise or would require our assistance in order to do so.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to make dua that Allah grants success upon success and increase in the ranks of all involved in this event. I, along with everyone at IM would like to express our heartful gratitude to all parties involved on the day.


Aftharb Mowlana
Fundraising and Grants Manager

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