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Another year gone by in a blink of an eye, SubhanAllah!

Reflecting on the year gone by has highlighted just how much of our efforts we can often overlook. At Inspirited Minds, with your help and the help of Allah, we have managed to accomplish so much.

What we gained in 2022:

  • Our counselling service received more than 250 referrals and conducted over 900 sessions in 2022! (Watch a short video)
  • We conducted 8, 2 part webinars on topics like Domestic Abuse and ViolenceAddictions and Jinn Possession and Mental Health with the aim of improving mental health and wellbeing for Muslim communities. These were received well by the community and engaged with positively, mashAllah.
  • In addition to the webinars, we received a total of 24 workshop requests from Mosques, community centres and schools to host independent trainings and workshops! You can send your request in here!
  • We had a combined number of over 500 attendees for all of our outreach activities this year, with all attendees providing us a rating of 8 or above on a scale of 10. More than 80% also said that it had improved their perception of mental health and would recommend the training to their friends and family. Additional comments included the request for more discussion times, more topic ideas, and more case studies: All of which point in the right direction that conversations are being created and mental health is becoming a priority for our community!
  • We launched an online shop to provide easy access to our resources which has sold more than 200 of our booklets in 2022. In addition to our self-care booklets we also released 2 reflective faith-based planners:
  • Through your support this Ramadan, we were able to fund 54 webinar sessions, 16 mindful boxes and raise £200 towards making our resources more accessible through our 5k/10k fasted walk challenges, which had a total of 15 participants!
  • We successfully released 11 episodes of The Mindful Muslim Podcast and obtained 8000+ views across all our platforms. This year we spoke to many inspiring guests across the board, including Zahra Aljabri and James Faghmous who spoke about love and abundance through Islam, Faisal Hussain who explored his journey with ADHD, Layinka Sanni who talked about self-transformation as a Muslim, and Soumaya Ettouji who delved into her healing journey.
  • We collaborated with Papyrus UK, releasing a 2-part podcast and featuring on their #ToMyFellow campaign for #WorldMentalHealthDay2022 in prioritising suicide awareness and support for all. This feature actually resulted in our highest viewed reel of all time!
  • We conducted our first post-pandemic, in-person, SOLD-OUT event called Normal-ish to normalise conversations around mental health. We connected with inspiring growth stories from Warisa Hussain, Adam Afgham, Faisal Hussain and Annotate. Read our review here and watch the highlights here.
  • Thanks to our humble torchbearers, generous donors and supporters, in 2022 we raised a total of £26,255!

What to look forward to in 2023:

  • ROCD theme in 2023: In an effort to make our work more collaborative and towards a unified goal, we decided to conduct research into the growing areas of concern within our collective communities. We are excited to tackle Religious OCD in 2023 alongside our usual projects and services. A huge JazakAllah Khayr to everyone who attended our consultations in November on this for your ideas, opinions and feedback. We can’t wait to work on this area, and look forward to your continued support!
  • New Booklets: Our writers team is currently working on several new booklets, including one on ROCD!
  • Distribution of our resources: As we have built up a good library of resources, we want to ensure we are reaching those in need wherever they may be, which is why we intend to distribute our resources to a number of different community settings or hard to reach Muslims. If you are interested in stocking our resources, or know where can we distribute them to, please reach out to us at
  • New Series of Workshops: Our outreach team is currently working on not-to-be-missed webinar and workshop series with returning topics like Domestic Abuse and ROCD but also new and highly requested ones such as Trauma, Divorce, Bereavement and much more!
  • Imams and Community Leader Training: Due to the pandemic and competing priorities, we paused our highly requested Imams and Community Leader training. Alhamdulillah, we are now in the process of evolving and developing the content, and In Shaa Allah aim to be ready to deliver the training once again in London and Birmingham by August 2023!
  • New Support Groups: When we asked the community how we can cater to their needs, support groups came up over and over again. After much development and refining to ensure we are providing the best possible service, we are finally in a position to launch our Support Groups which will be on a range of different topics, online and in-person throughout the year, with the first starting in February. Keep your eyes peeled for the dates and more information to be released!
  • Exciting Podcast Episodes: We have an amazing line-up of guest speakers that we cannot wait to share with you.
  • And so much more!

From our team to you, we would like to thank you for all your continued support during this difficult year. InshaAllah, the Almighty blesses this new year with compassion, Shifaa (healing) and Rahma (Mercy) in all your endeavours, Ameen!

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