Ramadan Planner (Limited Edition) 2024



This is a Limited Edition Planner.

The Ramadan Planner is a notepad to help you track your mental health and wellbeing daily in the month of Ramadan. It can be a busy month for many, so it has been designed to allow you to take a small portion out of your day to reflect and keep on top of your daily actions.

It consists of 8 segments to fill out each day, including:

  • A Verse or Quote to focus on each day
  • A Positive Affirmation to manifest in your energy each day
  • An Emotion Tracker to record how you felt that day
  • A Daily Reflection section to help you pen down what you have pondered upon that day
  • An Alhamdulillah Moments section to practice daily gratitude
  • A Date Counter to help you inculcate Sunnah foods in your daily routine
  • A Salah (prayer) Counter including the 5 daily Salah’s and Taraweeh
  • A Water Checker to keep on top of drinking enough water daily during Ramadan
  • A page to track your Sadaqah and Contributions over the month

All funds received from the purchase of this planner will go into:

  • Creating and publishing more booklets and journals to build awareness about mental health for the Islamic community.
  • Translating our current resources for those communities where English is not the first language.
  • Improving accessibility of our resources for our brothers and sisters with difficulties and disabilities in reading and writing.

Grab your personal copy now to never lose track of your spiritual and mental wellbeing and ensure you are reaping the benefits of the Holy month of Ramadan!

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If you are unable to purchase the booklet at its current price or would like to place a large order please contact shop@inspiritedminds.org.uk.

Additional information


Fathema Uddin, Meanha Begum, Sarah Gulamhusein


Qudsiyah Remtulla



Number of Pages

40 pages


148 x 210 mm (A5)

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