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On the 27th November, prepare yourself for a powerful night because women with strength, words of wisdom, experience and advice will be coming together to give you a night that could ultimately change the way you think, believe and behave. This Friday, there will be muslimaat from all over London who will stand as sisters Fighting Depression Together!

You don’t have to have depression or have had depression to attend this evening, it’s an evening for all women, with stalls to visit, food to be eaten and prizes to be won – it will be a celebration of unity, sisterhood and well deserved fun.

Inspirited Minds’ gems, such as Leyla our spokesperson, Afshan, Aaliyah and Wajeeha our counsellors and other experts will be delivering their perspective on fighting depression, we’ll also be holding a stall along with many other exciting people.

Book your tickets, show you support, spread the love by sharing, and we look forward to seeing you there!

A night of empowerment, energy and blessings – simply can’t be missed!

Find out more here.

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