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This week, I want to ask you – what is the purpose of suicide?

Most of us can’t possibly imagine not waking up in the morning, rather it is what we dread. However, for some, there is this call inside their head, a lifeless gut feeling that causes them to long and yearn to just close their eyes, and drown into darkness – without ever waking up. Is the purpose of suicide to just let go of everything? Is it to end the pain? To stop the feeling of emptiness inside? Maybe to snap out of a reality nightmare? Possibly to just get what’s coming anyway? The truth is, we can only assume how and what a person is thinking when they feel that death is the only option – even death coroners make guess at best. As the only person that truly knows is themselves and Allah. We, the outsiders – literally only see the outside. Therefore, we have to re-think how a person could have possibly gotten to this stage, and how we can change this before the next tragic event happens.

As we have established, suicide is usually considered as a means to an end – but as Muslims, we know that this is not the end. It may be the end of one life, but an eternal one waits for us in another realm. Now, we have the free will and accountability to choose which kind of life awaits for us, either:

 “…Gardens of perpetual residence; beneath them rivers will flow. They will be adorned therein with bracelets of gold and will wear green garments of fine silk and brocade, reclining therein on adorned couches. Excellent is the reward, and good is the resting place…”
(Qur’an 18:31)


“… Flaming fire wherein they will abide forever”
(Qur’an 33:64)

It’s pretty clear which one we all want to go to, and which one – as Muslim’s we belong to. A lot of people may use the excuse, “I’m going to hell anyway!” – I’ve never heard anything sadder than this. How can we know what Allah has decided? How can we have lost hope in the one that is Most Merciful, Most Forgiving, and Most Pardoning? How can we forget our worth in the midst of all the sadness? How can we destine ourselves to such torture, when Allah has said He is as we think of Him? [Bukhari] We cannot, and must not forget that regardless of how practicing one may be, or how sinful one has been, Allah loves us. He really does. He loves those who repent, do good deeds, purify themselves, ask for forgiveness, which fear Him, who are steadfast, who trust Him, who act justly, and follow the Prophet (SAW).

It’s also fundamental to remember that Suicide will only bring around more pain, a more intense pain as the pain of this life is nothing compared to the next, so you have to help yourself in this situation. Remind yourself of the options over which life you can choose, and remind yourself that this worldly life, and all your possessions, feelings, emotions, relationships, status’, employment, hardships, pain, and tears, are all temporal.

“… The life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment”
(Qur’an 57:20)

The very things you want to end your life over will not mean a thing in the next life, they will not come and intercede for you, they will not come and defend you, rather they will speak against you. Will it be worth it?

Contrast this scenario to enduring the pain, staying patient, seeking help from your companions, crying in your salah, learning from the Qur’an and Sunnah – and remembering Allah greatly – not only will you be reaping in the rewards with every breathe, but you will also be building your eternal home, close to your Lord. You’ll be increasing your level and status in the heavens, and gaining a reputation amongst the Angels – Allah will say, “I love so and so”, and the angels will hear, repeat and praise.  In fact, you’ll also change your current life (it may take time, but remember with every hardship comes ease), you’ll be content with what Allah has Willed, and you’ll have a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

You’ll be able to say, “I made it” with that sincere smile of yours that went missing a while back. That emptiness will be filled with an overload of Imaan, that gutless feeling will be replaced with a glow, the darkness you once wanted to drown yourself in, will disappear to a field of brightness which you want to walk across, the nightmare will turn into a reality that is simply a means of moving on to the next life – and that thought of “get what’s coming anyway” – will remain. However, this time you’ll be eager to meet your Lord, to taste the foods and drinks of Jannah, to be reunited with your loved ones in the best of places, and to be euphoric. You’ll look back and think how you nearly missed the gems of this world.

All of this might seem a bit too optimistic for you, but keep it in the back of your mind and for now, at least remember

“Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear”
(Qur’an 2:286)

So in your moment of weakness, remember Allah knows you’re strong. Remember your ultimate purpose in this life, remember your ultimate goal, and remember Allah’s ultimate attributes.

Just imagine yourself, with your loved ones behind you, standing in front of the beautiful and grand gates of Jannah, no one will be able to stop you from entering your deserving and eternal home, with the angels and Allah the All Mighty as your permanent hosts.

Devon Muslimaat

Meanha Begum is currently studying a degree in Islamic Psychology where she has been given the blessing to explore her passions, Islam and Psychology. She relishes in the insight of an Islamic perspective to incorporate into psychology, to help those who have never been given a chance that every devout muslim, and non muslim deserves. Which is why she considers Inspirited Minds to be a huge blessing in her life. She has been brought up in a heavy western environment, where Islam was once far from her reach, but through trials and tribulations, she has managed to come out stronger and closer to Allah than ever before. It's simply her experiences, ideas, and open nature that pushes her towards wanting to help others out of their vulnerable places, through their journey, and into happiness, with tranquil souls.


  • Saman says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. To someone close to you who is feeling suicidal, it is a good way to reflect with them the purpose of our life which gets lost in rituals and the drudgeries of life. Thought provoking and worth sharing.

  • Meanha says:

    Thank you! Definitely – those who feel like they have no worth need to be given a push towards their real value, it’s just that they can’t always see it amongst the darkness and negativity which can be a result of losing yourself in what you mentioned. Thank you for your support :)

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