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Have you ever started something, feeling pumped and ready to take on the world; as if nothing could get in the way, or shatter your dedication to then be at a much slower pace a few days or weeks later? Weighed down, practically dragging your feet to the finish line which is no longer in sight?

Sounds pretty similar right? Whether that is starting the gym, eating healthier, being more organised, writing diary entries, or being more sociable. The majority of us know this feeling and the mental portrait of ourselves is probably slumping in agreement. Why do we do this and how can we overcome it? We have apps, calendars, reminders and all sorts of tools that should help us, but could there be something much deeper within us that builds this brick wall we daily find ourselves at?

Join Meanha and NLP life coach Fatou who discuss what motivation is, why we often fail ourselves and how to arrive at our goals at a gentle pace rather than stumbling through our daily life and tasks.

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