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At Inspirited Minds, we firmly believe that we should make the most out of every situation and build a mindset that is able to see some positive in every negative. So, whilst some of our hearts are heavy with the departing of Ramadan and we may be missing feeling that “spiritual high” where we were not only motivated to practice Islam but were more productive in general – there is a feeling of emptiness within. With Eid over, we have to get back to “every day life”, but it doesn’t have to be filled with Post Ramadan blues.

The rest of the year is ours to claim, next Ramadan is in clear sight, and Shawwal has come with many rewards to reap, what are you going to be doing that bids farewell to Ramadan but gives a warm welcome to the rest of your successful year?

Join Meanha, Zahra and Jamilla from PR and Outreach teams as they discuss the blues that we may be feeling, how to overcome this, and why it is so important to continue the small good deeds that you have done with advice on how to maintain your mental well being in times of success and hardships!

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