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Ramadan is brimming with treasures waiting to be discovered within ourselves and our communities. Alas, there are forgotten gems within society which we often isolate and stigmatize, but this is the year we want to change that.

Whilst Ramadan is an extremely positive time, for some it is a nightmare, and not because of the perfect ordainment from Islam but because of their own mental health issues which Allah has excused, but society does not.

Join us for Wajid’s strenuous journey as a young survivor of mental ill health who discusses his battle of starvation and self-hate. He takes us back to the deep roots of his trauma, how this inner conflicted manifested, and finally his recent recovery.

Some viewers may find the contents of this podcast upsetting, however it is one worth tuning into. Not only to gain an insight into eating disorders which is something already frowned upon, but from a young male perspective. We pray that Allah continues to take Wajid and others like him from strength to strength and know that Inspirited Minds is here for you.

To stay updated with Wajid’s poetry you can visit him on Instagram @_wajidwrites

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