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“Understanding Bereavement as Muslims” was one of the workshops held at the Al-Maanar Centre hosted by The Grenfell Muslim Response Unit on the 31st March. It was mainly catered for those impacted by the tragic Grenfell fire. The aim of the workshop was to provide better understanding on what is bereavement (through models & activities), the workshop also covered Islamic perspective on bereavement and prophetic ways of dealing with grief and bereavement. The audience were given booklets to take home which included; places of contact and information on various services for further help if they require it. The workshop allowed individuals to see the process of bereavement in an individualistic way! We repeated the workshop twice for different attendees. For the second workshop a sister said she felt very “light” as she was able to speak about things in her mind, which she hasn’t done since the loss of a family member.

More event details here.

Sadia Lira

Sadia is a Trainee Psychologist who completed her masters in Health Psychology. She is passionate about being involved with international development projects and has been away to Zimbabwe, India and Calais, France where she held workshops to encourage positive healthy behaviour. Sadia has held sessions with children, adults and refugees on mental health, HIV/aids, malaria, typhoid, hygiene, gender base violence and has also taught English on various occasions. Moreover, she regularly holds projects in her local town for homeless individuals and believes in minimising social exclusion. Sadia is particularly interested in tackling mental health issues within the Asian community as well as the broader aspect. The way mental health is discussed in relation to Asian Males is of her interest. Furthermore, she has also carried out research study (MSc) on the impact of tragic events (such as 9/11) on Muslims mental wellbeing. The study was done in order to look at how the negative events impacts Muslims coping skills. She is keen on doing further PHD research on Refugees and Muslims mental & physical health. In her pastime Sadia enjoys nature & scenic walks, drawing & sketching, playing badminton & archery. She holds a GB Archery instructor qualification! For the future, Sadia hopes (in sha Allah) to qualify as a Health Psychologist and work with vulnerable communities in the UK as well as the international development field.

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