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10 Tips for healthy working from home

  1. Start your day feeling fresh

Get yourself into a working mood by having a shower or getting out of your pj’s before you start working. Follow your morning routine as you would if you were actually travelling to work, school, college and etc.

  1. Set realistic, consistent work hours- and stick to them!

Try and stick to the same hours of work daily, have this planned out as you would have for a day at work, school or university. Don’t forget to carve out your breaks and lunches as normal. Ensure that you do not submerge yourself in work, it is important that you take regular (if not more) breaks in order to keep yourself productive and switched on.

  1. Work in a suitable environment

Build a specific workspace. Try to avoid working in your bedroom whilst working, and maintain good sleep hygiene such as never working from your bed, or even checking your emails whilst still laying in bed. Ensure your chair has good back support, your wrists are cushioned if you’re typing a lot, your screen is eye-level and you’re in a space that has a good amount of natural light if possible.

  1. Be organised

Timetables, to- do lists, post- it notes… utilise whatever works for you, but maintain a good level of healthy organisation.

  1. Remove all distractions

In your workspace, keep away any distractions- phones, social media, the news. Focus solely on the task at hand.

  1. Step and stretch

It is really important to get your steps in and get your body moving so walk around the house, go up and down your stairs, or take a walk around the garden. Stretching is very important to open up your chest and realign your posture so you don’t injure yourself.

  1. Prioritise your salah

Now that you are not in a work environment, you can ensure that you pray your salah on time. You can try to plan this alongside your breaks and give yourself a spiritual boost.

  1. Eat well and plan your meals

Whilst at home, it is easy to be snacking and eating all the foods that are quick and easy, or eat all the things you wouldn’t usually take to work. However, it’s important to have healthy snacks readily available, and be mindful of the nutrients and vitamins you’re fueling yourself with.

  1. Keep hydrated and be mindful of what you drink

Ensure that you are drinking plenty of fluids; try not to overload on caffeine in order to avoid a depletion of energy. You want to stay consistently energised!

  1. Make time to clear your mind

Go for a walk, get some fresh air or spend some time in the garden… prioritise spending time cleansing your mind as well as work.

Zainab Shafan

Zainab is currently studying psychology at UCL. She was studying Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, however that did not work out so she took a year out to pursue other interests and gain experience. During this time she released her own book named 'Free to Go', available on amazon. She also set up her own blog: Zen Words. She also aimed to build a foundation for herself to develop skills and give back to the community; and the perfect opportunity arose with Inspirited Minds. The charity combines two disciplines very close to her heart (Islam and Psychology) and to be able to be involved through writing, a passion of hers, is a huge blessing. Reading the newsletters herself has been a continuous source of enlightenment and a means of catharsis; so, to be able to provide this for other people will be undoubtedly rewarding.

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