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Getting into a routine

With everything that we do we should no doubt be mindful of what we are doing and why. This is essential to consider with any kind of routine. For every step of our routine we should attempt to follow the sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ: the practices of our religion and the guidance of our Quran.

We should start everything with the name of Allah (SWT), have the most sincere and correct of intentions, and more practically, do most things with the right side of our bodies, for example,  eating with our right hand.

“Call upon Allah or call upon the Most Merciful. Whichever [name] you call – to Him belong the best names.”
[Qur’an 17:110]

  1. Make your bed
    The space around us can often be a reflection of our mental state. If we aim to keep an organised mind, maintaining an organised environment is particularly beneficial. Making your bed in the morning will represent a new start to your day and avoid temptations from getting back in. Although it may seem minor, it is an initial step to your daily routine to get the day started in a productive and organised manner.
  1. Engage in your usual self care routines (shower, brush your teeth, wash your face)
    As well as our physical environment, keeping ourselves tidy and clean can also be seen as a manifestation of our inner state. Ensure that you do not let go of essential self care routines just because you may no longer be going out!
    Even if these routines are something that you may struggle with, now is the perfect time to get started and put in place good habits.

“Purity is half of iman (faith).”

  1. Do 30 minutes of exercise whether it’s just a walk, a run or yoga
    Adding some physical exercise into our daily routine helps to keep our bodies healthy, as well as our minds. Exercising releases endorphins and in turn leaves us in a happier state. By including this in our daily routine we can add more to our day as well as positively take care of ourselves.
  1. Work from a different room, if this is not possible then create a work space in your room (not on your bed) dedicated for working
    Your workspace should not become intertwined with your living space in order to separate the line between your productivity and relaxation. Pack your work space at the end of your day in order to give you the impression that you’ve concluded your work day and it is time to “switch off”. As well as a separate work space, having a specific space/mat/time for Salah is equally important. By having this allocated, it will help develop your focus and thus help with khushoo.
  1. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep your body hydrated and nourished with food and water
    Keep your routine stable and ensure that you are incorporating your daily meals as well as staying hydrated. It is particularly important to ensure we are getting all of our vitamins and nutrients and eating foods that are immune boosting. Don’t neglect these important elements! You can find more information on food and mental health, here and here.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Zainab Shafan

Zainab is currently studying psychology at UCL. She was studying Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, however that did not work out so she took a year out to pursue other interests and gain experience. During this time she released her own book named 'Free to Go', available on amazon. She also set up her own blog: Zen Words. She also aimed to build a foundation for herself to develop skills and give back to the community; and the perfect opportunity arose with Inspirited Minds. The charity combines two disciplines very close to her heart (Islam and Psychology) and to be able to be involved through writing, a passion of hers, is a huge blessing. Reading the newsletters herself has been a continuous source of enlightenment and a means of catharsis; so, to be able to provide this for other people will be undoubtedly rewarding.


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