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The Mindful Muslim is an Inspirited Minds podcast that hosts raw, open, and honest conversations on various topics within the sphere of mental health, psychology, Islam and spirituality.

In this episode, Sivan was joined by Zahra Aljabri and her husband James Faghmous. Zahra is a spiritual coach, writer, award-winning entrepreneur, wife and mother of four. Zahra empowers successful, bold Muslims to apply the insight of Islam into their day-to-day life.

Supporting those who aim to evolve and transform, into the next-level version of themselves. She equips these talented and ambitious leaders to step into the power that is hidden within them. Her approach results in astounding personal transformation.

James Ph.D. is a four-time chief dad officer and four-time entrepreneur. Prior to starting Limitless Love, James was an award-winning scientist, researcher, and speaker having lectured on every continent on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. 

James’ life goal is help Muslims live beyond a mediocre job and average life to help create the Muslim Serena Williams, Steve Jobs, or J.K Rowling. He is passionate about creating generational defining talent that uses Islam as a source of inspiration to do more as opposed to settle for less.

In their discussion, they explored:

  • How to cultivate an abundance mindset
  • What are the tenets to love and success
  • Ways of nurturing your mental wellbeing
  • & so much more!

You can find out more about Zahra and James, and their platform Practical Muslim on Instagram @practicalmuslim.

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Sivan Kader

Sivan is a Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Neuroscience graduate from Queen Mary, University of London and King’s College London. She hopes to combine her learning from personal experience with mental illness, with the passion to drive positive change, to ultimately empower others to take care of their mental wellbeing. With a background in research, and having worked with a social enterprise, she has joined Inspirited Minds to help shed light on mental health stigma in the Muslim community, in particular, and work towards encouraging dialogue, empathy, and compassion.

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