Eid Card (Handmade) – Amana Hussain



This Ramadan, add a handmade Eid Card to your order to make your Eid gift just that little bit more special. Each card has been designed by one of our Artist Champions! This card has been designed by Amana Hussain from Amana.artistry.

All funds received from the purchase of these cards will go into:

    • Sustaining our projects and helping us creating more booklets and resources to build awareness about mental health for the Islamic community.
    • Translating our current resources for those communities where English is not the first language.
    • Improving accessibility of our resources for our brothers and sisters with difficulties and disabilities in reading and writing.

Add an Eid card of your choice to your order and be sure to tag us on social media when you receive your order. Don’t forget to leave us a review below!

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