A Muslim’s Toolkit on Empathy Booklet

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Empathy is a term we are hearing more often within nearly every sphere of life. Professionals from across multiple fields including: healthcare, psychology, business and politics to name a few, are becoming more cognisant of this basic human characteristic.

In the same vein, it is becoming increasingly concerning that displaying empathy may be at risk of extinction.

In this Muslim’s Toolkit on Empathy, we:

  • Dive into empathy as a concept, and explore what this means in relation to mental health.
  • Explore the ‘whats’, ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of being empathetic.
  • Showcase the empathy displayed by the Prophets of Islam, by including relatable anecdotes of how they embodied empathy in their day-to-day lives.
  • Provide examples on how we can be empathetic when supporting ourselves and others.
  • Provide important information on what to do during an emergency situation i.e. when we or somebody else are experiencing suicidal thoughts or having a mental health crisis.

All funds received from the purchase of this booklet will go into:

  • Creating and publishing more booklets and journals to build awareness about mental health for the Islamic community.
  • Translating our current resources for those communities where English is not the first language.
  • Improving accessibility of our resources for our brothers and sisters with difficulties and disabilities in reading and writing.

Get your personal copy to build an empathetic mind-body-soul connection and follow in the footsteps of the Prophets of Islam!

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Additional information


Sarah Gulamhusein


Meanha Begum, Zohrah Yaqub


Qudsiyah Remtulla



Number of Pages

42 pages


148 x 210 mm (A5)

2 reviews for A Muslim’s Toolkit on Empathy Booklet

  1. Minha

    This booklet is so unique, mashAllah. The Prophetic stories, and the way that Islam is embedded throughout is beautiful. Such a great booklet and fantastic illustrations. I’m so glad resources like this are now available.

  2. Sameer Noor Mohammed

    My personal favourite! What really stood out for me whilst reading this was the accessible structure in which it was written. I was also pleased to see examples of empathy from the lives of the Prophets.

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