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How much do you know about Autism?

There is a lot of discussion around depression, anxiety, OCD and even acute mental health problems, however what about the spectrum of Autism and other disorders that are associated to Autism or may be comorbid with it? Do we really understand it? Can we really empathise? If we were to be affected by it in any way – how could we deal with it? There are over half a million people in the UK with autism – that is 1 in 100 people. Would it be far-fetched to think any one of us could and probably will have to deal with it on some way or another?

For someone who has autism, the world can be a confusing and scary place. Change can be tremendously difficult, communication can be very problematic and social interaction can be hugely challenging. People with Autism may not be able to vocalise their thoughts, defend and protect their rights to be treated fairly or raise awareness of their battle every day, but we can, and we will – In Shaa Allah. As Muslims, it’s about time we came to the forefront of this taboo in society, to educate the nation and be a part of the movement.

2nd of April marks the first day of World Autism Week and Inspirited Minds wants your help by participating in the campaign. You can do various things such as participating in the activities or visiting one of the pop-up shops near you. You could also raise money in schools or in your workplace, amongst friends and family – but most importantly you should take it as your duty to raise awareness and educate yourself. We also want you to LIGHT IT UP BLUE (#LIUB) with us! You can wear something blue, or draw something blue, practically anything – and then you can post your “selfie” and #LIUB and tag us so we can pick our favourites to share and post your contribution to the epic day and cause.

Check out these websites for more information and to print out your selfie poster!

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