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Dark Space


Wondering in a dark space
Stringing on a hope of peace
Entrap of inner pains and fears
Waking up to visualise face in haze
With questions that triggers the waves
Who left me here to survive in grave

Wondering in a dark space
Hiding from inner and outer life
Sitting alone without beam of light
With shadows that scares the sight
Appearing alarmingly all right
Considering alienation without fight

Wondering in a dark space
Considering life as a chase
Dragging it without hope and faith
Feeling relentless with bitter taste
Mystifying the present with past
Shivering with uncertainty glance

Wondering in a dark space
Dumping behind what once feared
Brought tears and death haste
Forgetting to ease the pain
Forgiving all who stabbed and stayed
Abandoning all that scars past laid

Wondering in a dark space
Leaving behind dark phase
Glancing at future with hope and faith
Identifying self from scratch again
To face fears without scare
To wonder in a bright space


~ Faiza Javad

Faiza is a neuroscientist by profession, currently training to be a barrister and working towards her tech start up. During her four years long Ph.D., she had all sorts of struggles, obstacles and hardships in both personal and professional life that made her discover her creative side, poetry. For her, challenges and obstacles in life are actually just hidden opportunities to drive oneself to think outside the box to make the impossible happen. After her doctorate graduation, she decided to leave the science field and go back to university to train as an international barrister/lawyer. She knows that this path will be another roller-coaster ride, but this feeling of fear and failure does not discourage her from choosing this demanding profession. In her opinion, “Nothing can stop you from doing what you love, except you”.

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