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The Mindful Muslim is an Inspirited Minds podcast that hosts raw, open, and honest conversations on various topics within the sphere of mental health, psychology, Islam and spirituality.

This month, Sivan spoke to Mostafa Mohammed Karim. Mostafa is a marriage coach and founder of Muslim Marriage Services (MMS). He was educated at the Universities of Liverpool (Pharmacology) and Cambridge (Islamic Philosophy) and holds post-MBA Professional Membership of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI). As a former foster carer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEND, child development, children’s mental health, safeguarding and guardianship. Mostafa also has 20 years expertise in matrimonial issues.

Outside of work, Mostafa enjoys being a virtual encyclopaedia, going for long walks, watching cat videos and volunteering as a school governor at Finchwoods Special Needs Academy, Liverpool.

Their discussion explored:

  • Bereavement and its impact on mental health
  • His Muslim Matrimonial service and how it stands out
  • Childhood trauma and how it can trickle into marital life
  • How the purpose of marriage is very important and sets the tone for the relationship
  • The current landscape of divorce and why they are higher than ever before
  • The fine line between working on the relationship and giving up
  • & so much more!

Launching in Jan 2023, MMS will have an innovative and forward-thinking domain designed for global organisations. If you would like to find out more about the Muslim Marriage Service, check out:

You can learn more about Mostafa Karim on Linked In (

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