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If you would like counselling please use the form on our Get Help page, to ask an anonymous question our Ask IM page and for all other enquires please use our Contact Us page.

Muslim Minds: COVID-19 Webinar Series

Articles related to Coronavirus

Keep calm and Follow the Sunnah – A little guidance to protect our mental health during the covid-19 pandemic and its uncertainty

Perfecting Home Productivity – 10 Tips for healthy working from home

10 Points of reflection in light of COVID19 – We have to find the good in every bad, so here are 10 things to think about whilst we wait for the tide to calm.

5 Boredom Busters – What to do when there’s nothing to do…

Combatting Corona – Things not to do and how to not do them during the lockdown.

Eating in Uncertainty – 10 Tips for those experiencing eating disorders in times of uncertainty

3 P’s for money management – Practical tips and ideas to consider when you find yourself short when life brings unexpected change.

Managing OCD in light of COVID-19 – Obsessions, compulsions and uncertainty


Articles to help with your Mental Health

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