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An Ugly Tree


I hit every branch of life’s ugly tree
Deserted in London, my mother didn’t want me
Fed by trebuchet because I was so very ugly
Reared by the social that let every pervert touch me
I’m so ugly,

Rejected by my own kind, survival was the game
Only thing I ever owned was my skin and a name
My Mother was threatened with a mental home, was she really so insane?
Her only crime was giving birth to me and was never to blame
I’m so very ugly,

My crime was just my colour as I wasn’t a perfect white
And as you swam around in paradise I drowned in a river of sh**e
For me there was only darkness, every hour was as black as night
And there was no one to teach the rules about being wrong and being right
I’m so very, very ugly,

Now I know about loneliness and I have shook the hands with pain
After many years on Planet Earth I still feel that I’m to blame
The freedom of life I was promised was attached to a ball and chain
There’s one sure certainty, indifference will never change
Mother, oh Mother, why am I so ugly.

#TimeToTalk – Kim Wheeler

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